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My Father Never Cut His Hair

Selected illustrations from My father never cut his hair, a graphic novel by Peter Phobia.

‘At age twenty-six, Peter Phobia revisits the life of his father who lost his short-term memory in an accident at the same age.
My father never cut his hair mixes pop culture with biography and represents a coming to terms with the past leading to a single point – the question of identity.
Everything Peter knows about his father Rudy fits into one little shoebox. Rudy had long hair, a cat he called Bobby Brown and a fondness for plants and cigarettes. He only felt total freedom in moments when he could combine these three things. Back then, you weren’t listening to your own mixtapes for sentimental reasons and the California Dream was ever-present.

Really, that’s all there was and yet it was enough for Peter to reconstruct this blank chapter in his life. At least that’s all there was up to that rainy Friday evening in April 1991 when everything changed.’

Published by Luftschacht Verlag in September, 2018.

Graphic novel, 80 pages, hard cover, 16,5 x 22,0 cm

The book is available here.

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